More instructional opportunities are coming. These will add to the established venues for dance, recitals, and music. We hope to start master classes and grow the availability of art instruction. Please inquire about youth and adult classes. SignUp


  • We want insturctors for a variety of arts. Please let us know what you want to teach.

  • Currently we have the Photowalk/Lectures on first Saturday of the month. This usually start at the Breezeway next to the Coffee Company at 11:00am.

  • There are several art classes offerd by local artists. We can connect you with the classes your interested in.

Contact us by emailing

Basic Information Photowalks (click here to reveal)

    1. The group will meet rain or shine in front of Sweetsie Treatz at 11:00 am on the first Saturday of the month.

    2. The walk will last one hour and conclude with an optional post walk coffee at the Coffee Company.

    3. A theme will be announced on the webpage and social media. For example, nature, architecture, portraits, guest pro photographer, etc.

    4. Free but, donations accepted.

    5. Potentially we would print the best images at the Coffee Co. and post them on social media.

We have some general requirements:

    1. Take a photo right away to get in the mindset of shooting.

    2. Don't leave the scene until you review focus and composition.

    3. If you meet a cat, stop and pet it.

    4. Smile, be friendly and considerate of people and the public space.

    5. Keep the gear to a minimum.

    6. Don't let distractions take away from the joy of taking pictures.

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