Elizabethton Arts and Cultural Alliance

a nonprofit organization dedicated to building a vibrant and thriving community through the arts

We Can Help With

Musical  - Concerts, Gigs, Recitals, Ethnomusicology 

Literary - Poetry, Short Stories, Novels, Cultural/Heritage

Visual - Painting, Sculpture, Fiber Arts, Murals 

 & Performing - Dance, Theater, Story Telling


 Learn - Create - Perform - Show

Musical Arts

If you are an artist or band looking for stage performances we can help. Our organization has funded several concerts in the Northeasternmost Tennessee region. If you want to register with us we can advertise your talents. Let us help connect you to gigs, concerts, or street performances. Many of our services come at no cost.

We are an organization that people come to looking for help with parties, song writing, classes, and studio recordings. Our goal is to connect artists with oportunities. 


Literary Arts

Our area around Carter County is suprisingly rich with literature. If you are an author or poet we want to hear from you. It is our goal to have book signings, thematic events, and poetry slams. We seek funding to support recognition of the local talent. Honorariums, promotions, contests, etc. are available.


Visual Arts

We are here for:

Let us connect by telling: 


Performing Arts

Our goal is to see Elizabethton have a Theatrical Group. As the Bonnie Kate Theater comes closer to being renovated, now is the time for organizing. Please contact us for details.

Story Telling and Historical Reenactments are two areas we want to support. If you are interested in these in anyway please contact us. Oppotunitues are here.

We have two wonderful Dance organizations in town. There are new business offering classes all the time. To know more, please contact us. 


Using creativity makes the difference.

Art is a lasting achievement of our society.

Adding art to your life brings a special feeling of connection. 

You too can discover arts and culture in our community today.

We are the Elizalliance  a.k.a. the Elizabethton Arts and Cultural Alliance in Carter County, Tennessee.

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit platform we support:

As an advocate for the arts - you will find us ready to listen to your needs. 

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